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Print & Packaging

Online Presence

From gizmos to goodies

Making our clients look ridiculously good is our passion; and that passion has taken on many different forms over the rapidly scrolling years.

Depending on when you peek at us, you might find us crafting a smart package label, figuring out the slickest way to present information on a web site, or prototyping the next “neato-keen” app. (We used to say “whiz-bang” but that’s not cool anymore, according to our kids.)

But the bottom line is, well, our clients’ bottom line. Everything we do is done with their success in mind. Not to mention their sanity—which we like to think we help them maintain by being attentive and moderately pleasant to work with. Yea, perhaps even fun at times.

Visual design & illustration

We make you and your stuff look good. How? That all depends on the audience and the goal.

You might need something with a cartoony feel, or maybe something that looks photo-realistic, or perhaps even stylized and in-between-ish. Our toolkit includes thoughtful thinking, pencils, pens, and fancy design software for 2D and 3D.

Interface & experience design

Edgewise helps craft cool and friendly user experiences for kiosks, digital cameras and picture frames, music and home theatre apps, and more for some great companies that you already know and love.

We do wireframes, workflows, and screen comps to craft seamless user experiences like it’s nobody’s business. Or maybe it’s your business after all!

Web & app programming

Our web credentials range from informational and portfolio sites to e-commerce. We’ve got the HTML5 chops to build you up a site from scratch and we’ve got the know-how to make templated CMS sites on platforms like Shopify and Wordpress.

We handle responsive design to cover all the devices you touch, tap, and click. We make apps that are ready to use, and we also create cool interactive prototypes for user testing and design iteration.

Edgewise Inc. is Rochester New York’s ninth largest conglomerate of (mostly) well-intentioned, average-looking design consultants; a group of friends who enjoy working together and all pretty darned good at what we do.

We create printed communications and digital experiences.

From branding to packaging to web.

Hi, I’m Michael Turiano. I’m the son of the original EdgewiseGuy. My father started the business in 1964, and I’ve been designing for the past 30+ years.

I’d rather be playing with clay, drinking an Italian red at Joe Bean, or teaching my granddaughter about Star Wars, but alas—I’m at my standing desk in a room full of moody artists designing for you.

I specialize in advertising, branding, digital media, packaging, and user interface. I even do 3D rendering and product visualization, if you ask me nicely enough. I’m a conscious guy—food conscious, environmentally conscious, and you conscious. Simply put, I make you and your product look like the stylish SOB you are.

Now let me get back to work.

Hi, I’m Greg Barwald—design guy. For the past 25 years, I’ve helped clients in multiple industries craft their brand through advertising, digital media, packaging, and print. I’m easy to work with and efficient at what I do, or at least that’s what my clients tell me.

I’m a Marvel enthusiast, Netflix junkie, and life-long gardener (with a particular affinity for Japanese maples). I’m also the only morning person at Edgewise—meaning that while you’re still sleeping, I’ve already had three cups of coffee and most likely have the files you requested sitting in your inbox.

Hey there, I’m Sean Carner. I’m the AppGuy. I help design and build Websites, Apps, and Interactive Prototypes. I keep up with current trends and technologies to help keep our digital stuff up to snuff.

I’m also an IllustrationGuy. I’ve done a few comic book projects and I like working on my graphic novel in my spare time.

I know a little bit about Russian literature, I’ve got a pretty good Chili recipe, and I spend too much time getting my butt kicked in video games by kids half my age.